Our first session provides us with the tools we need to help establish your training goals. We conduct various measurements to include weight, body composition, and flexibility to determine your overall fitness level. We also discuss your training background, nutrition, and medical conditions (if applicable) so we can design the right program for you. You'll be assigned to a member of our training staff who will coach you through a light workout and beneficial stretching exercises.


Our second session covers basic everyday movements such as pushing, pulling, pressing, sitting, and standing. We'll have you complete a few simple exercises so we can evaluate your range of motion, determine any limitations, and provide technique correction.

On Ramp

Getting in better shape is a journey, not a sprint. After assessing your strengths and areas in need of improvement during the first two sessions, we design a workout program tailored to your goals. Session 3 will provide you with a glimpse of what you can expect in follow on sessions. Our goal is to provide you with fun, challenging workouts to get you inspired and continually progress your fitness level.